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Last year, one of the coolest product to gift during Christmas was a tablet, and apparently, the first generation iPad from Apple. During that time, their are only few tablets to choose from which includes Samsung’s first generation Galaxy Tab, ViewSonic’s ViewPad, and other few brands.

But this year, 2011, I personally believe that a tablet, tablet PC, slate or other names you want to call that flat gadget with a touchscreen interface, is still one of the best gift this Christmas. And this year, one good thing that happened us that a lot of companies started to join the tablet market. These list of companies also includes giant corportions such as consumer electronics giant Sony, mobile phone producer Motorola, HTC, computers and engineering equipment maker HP, Asus, BlackBerry smartphone producer Research in Motion, electronic product and service provider Barnes and Noble, e-commerce giant Amazon, and other computers and mobile device producers.

Like the time during the blooming of mobile phones in the new millenium, brand new tablet models and tablet makers mushroomed from around the globe this year. Most of these tablet makers offers similar and various specifications on each new tablet products.

Though Apple iPad still holds the majority of the tablet market share this year, many Android powered tablets are emerging and getting bigger share of the tablet market. Though specs is an important factor, the user-experience and the quality of the product still holds the preference of consumers. Eventually, lots of them are really doing great.

So for this Christmas? If you have the budget, we recommend  some of the tablets that gained good share on the market, tablets that created a buzz, intrigues and more.And here are our suggested list of tablets for the Christmas season this 2011.

1.) Apple iPad 2

As an upgrade to the first generation Apple iPad, though the technical specifications written on the box is not the highest specs you’ll find on a tablet, it’s enhanced user friendly functionalities and responsiveness are more than enough to hold it’s title as the most loved tablet for many of us.

2.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

One of the best Android tablet this 2011. Galaxy Tab 10.1 even soared highrer on it’s sale as Samsung gets more exposure to the public due to the law suit filed on them by Apple. Samsung’s tablet then became as one of the best iPad alfernative to consumers.

3.) BlackBerry Playbook

Though RIM faced  serious problem this year regarding it’s service failure, it’s established BlackBerry user’s-slash-loyalist are the primary consumer of PlayBook.

4.) Motorola Xoom

As the first tablet of Motorola and the first tablet powered by Google’s tablet version of Android OS (Honeycomb), Xoom gets the lime light as it’s specs was one of the best duribg its release.

5.) HP TouchPad

The computer division of HP almost reached it’s end, including HP TouchPad and webOS, but was revived back when its top management decided to keep it. As of the,moment, HP TouchPad can still be bought on stores.

6.) HTC Flyer

HTC’s first tablet. A 7 inch slate that mixes portability, style and enough power to meet the user’s need.

7.) ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Eee Pad Transfomer introduced its transforming looks by a tablet which can be converted to a laptop looking device by docking the tablet to it’s keyboard.

8.) Sony Tablet S

On second half of this year, consumer electronics giant, Sony also unveiled and released Sony Tablet S, and officially joining the tablet market.

9.) Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet

As one of the ebook reader maker, Barnes and Noble enhaced it’s Nook line of product to become classified as a tablet, named Nook Tablet.

10.) Amazon Kindle Fire

One of the leaders in e-commerce, online products and services, and producer of successful Amazon Kindle ereader, also get a piece of share in the tablet market. Amazon’s first ever tablet was named Amazon Kindle Fire. Though it was officially released in the last quarter of this year, Kindle Fire is getting a good share on the tablet market, as it is becoming a hit, especially this Holiday season.

There you have it! We think these are enough to choose from as a gift this coming holidays. If you want to give your special someone with something special, then consider giving a tablet if you have the budget. Visit our online tablet store and choose your tablet. Happy holidays everyone – from

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