Microsoft Unveiled Surface Windows 8 Tablets


Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced its first tablet on the market – the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft will be releasing two flavors, the Surface and Surface Pro which will both be Windows 8 tablets. Surface will be ARM-based processor, we’ve hard it will be Tegra 3+ from Nvidia. Surface Pro on the other hand will be powered by Intel processor Ivy Bridge which uses 22nm process. Both of these versions have similar look and feel. Surface tablet have a redefined form factor because it had an in-built stand that pops out at the back of the tablet. It have a Type or Touch cover which covers the screen of the tablet and at the same time used as a comfortable full tablet.

The differences between these Microsoft tablets are that of the processing power, screen resolution, operating system, and thickness. Getting into the details, Surface will be powered by ARM-based processor Nvidia Tegra 3+, HD display, with operating system Windows 8 RT installed, and thinner than Surface Pro. Surface will be competing with Apple’s iPad and many other Android tablets. Surface Pro is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge processor, with “full HD” display, installed Windows 8 Pro which hopefully could run Windowd legacy softwares, and Surface Pro is a bit thicker with Surface. Probably thicker because of the battery size that will be used to power Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor.

Watch out for the Windows 8 tablets to come on the market this third or fourth quarter of the year. Comeback after the break for more news and updates on Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets.

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