Why We Should Wait For The Next iPad Mini?


iPad Mini is Apple’s response to the demand in the growing number of 7-inch tablet community. Before the release of this newbie, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus 7 have been competing for the market share in this category. The Dual core A5 chip is the same as that of iPhone 4s. The rear camera is a stunningly advanced 5 megapixels camera like that of the full sized iPad. The LTE version supports faster web browsing using 4G network if available. The only thing that’s holding us back is why we should wait for the second generation is that the current doesn’t have a retina display. The 162 pixels per inch screen resolution is lower than the 165 ppi of iPhone 3GS and this version of iPhone was released three years ago.

What’s with the next iPad Mini?

Rumor has it, the next generation iPad mini will be announced this April and will hit the stores by mid of 2013. Of course this may be a bad news especially for those who have just purchased the product. This is Apple’s marketing strategy. We couldn’t argue with that. Apple fans are looking forward to having a 7.9-inch retina display in iPad mini 2 (we do not know the official name yet). With Retina display, pixels are rarely noticeable. Just like the iPhone, the gadget owner gets to experiences crisp imagery, rich and vibrant colors for exemplary 3D gaming. With such technology, playing your favorite game like Partypoker will have an elevated level of excitement. Playing poker in tablet is more fun because instead of using keyboards or mouse, you use your fingertips to move the cards and place a bet. With Apple’s propriety feature of multitasking by double-pressing the home button, you could switch to minimize the game and open PartyPoker in case you forgot the winning poker combination. But don’t worry, the system is not lying. If you win, you win.

What we look forward?

Aside from the retina display, we are also looking forward to an LED flash in its rear camera. They should include this because Samsung Galaxy already has that. This will help taking great snapshots in low-light mode. With this 7-inch tablet being portable, iPad mini is perfect for concerts, get together or fine dining, our beach bonding. Will iPad mini 2 also use the new dual core A6 chip? Will the battery life improves. These are just some of the things that we are looking forward to.

For those who don’t own any Apple products like the 5th generation iPod touch or iPhone 4, you won’t notice the difference with or without having the Retina display. Besides, the resolution is still decent and it still delivers the same functionality and productivity.

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